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Balance & Falls Prevention

Balance difficulties and unsteadiness can result in a fall and potentially more serious injuries.  In the United States, approximately one in four adults 65 years and older report falling each year.  Many factors, such as weakness, vision, neurological disorders, pain, orthopedic conditions, and gait dysfunction can lead to impaired balance.  Older adults are at a much greater risk of sustaining a serious injury from a fall.  Premier's therapists will help you assess and identify those risk factors and will develop a targeted plan to address your impairments.

Our therapists will work closely with the rest of your medical team to ensure that all members are on the same page and working in unison towards your best outcome.  Please contact your physician, or reach out to us directly, if you are unsure whether balance training and a falls prevention program is the right choice for you.

Treatment can include:

Balance Training 


Gait Training 


Targeted Strengthening


Vestibular Assessment


Cardiovascular Conditioning

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