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About Us

Ken lived in Louisiana and owned and managed a successful Physical Therapy clinic for 12 years. But several vacations out West had begun to stir a desire to live there, so in July 2014, Ken sold his business and moved his family to Colorado to live near the beautiful mountains. Wanting to continue the work he left behind in Louisiana, he decided to open a new outpatient physical therapy clinic in Westminster. He is very excited to offer his PT services to Coloradans and would be honored to provide you exceptional care if you choose Premier Physical Therapy as your provider.​ As a former All American tennis player at Florida State University, Ken understands the needs and desires of athletes to rehab and recover quickly from their injuries and return to competition.​ Whether you have suffered an injury, a fall, a stroke, or have generalized pain or weakness, our goal at Premier Physical Therapy is to return you to your optimal function.

Redefining the Patient-Clinician Dynamic

Premier Physical Therapy was founded with a vision of redefining the patient-clinician dynamic often undervalued in today’s healthcare model. Our focus is to create a collaborative and supportive therapeutic environment that empowers our patients with the tools to achieve their individual goals with one on one care. We understand and value the importance of having your physical therapist meet you where you are and walk the path towards recovery together.

To achieve our mission, we invest in the continued growth of our colleagues. We recognize that when we set our sights on expertise everyone benefits. Premier's therapists combine clinical experience, attentiveness, and provide motivation to create programs set to accomplish your specific goals. We want to help you return to the activities you love!

Our model of treatment is predicated on continuity of care. Patients only work with their individual therapist in one-on-one appointments. We utilize innovative perspectives for the management of pain and apply evidence-based practice for treatment of orthopedic conditions. We pursue direct lines of communication with your medical team to ensure all members are on the same page and working together to achieve the best possible outcome.

We at Premier understand how much your recovery means to you and the consequence of our role as your physical therapist. It is our privilege to participate in your care.

Physical Therapy

What To Expect

When you arrive for your initial evaluation, we will work together to understand the origin and nature of your diagnosis. Based on these findings, we will collaborate to create a full-scale, effective, and evidenced-based strategy to address your identified impairments. Expect each session to last approximately 40 minutes.  

Premier’s treatment plans are made to meet and exceed your individual goals. We will communicate what this path looks like, so that you understand your steps forward!

During each follow-up session, we will check-in on your progress and adjust your plan as needed. We will guide you through therapeutic exercise and use hands-on manual therapy techniques to improve your mobility and reduce pain. We will also provide you with the education and tools necessary to sustain your progress between sessions. 

Throughout the treatment process, exercises are prescribed to address your body’s specific deficits. Manual therapy is used to support the normal, healthy function of soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons) and joints. Education ties together all variables of treatment, empowering you with the blueprint to achieve your goals and maintain healthy living after treatment is complete!

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