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Physician Testimonials

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Clifton Etienne MD

I work in a busy Family Practice office that routinely requires the use of a Physical Therapist. We have many locations to choose from but will favor offices that are able to quickly accommodate our patients, have a good rapport and great outcomes. Premier Physical Therapy has become one of our preferred physical therapy offices. They are very quick in accepting our patients and have proven to be very professional, courteous and accurate with both confirming diagnosis and applying treatment. I have heard nothing but praise from our patients. They emphasize their good work ethic and empathy. They feel they explain their pathology and treatment plans very well.

I do not hesitate in recommending them. For further questions feel free to contact our office.

Mountain Bikers

Dr. B. Todd Drury, MD
Board Certified
Mid-State Orthopaedics
Alexandria, LA

"The relationship between an orthopedic surgeon and the physical therapist that cares for his patients is forged in trust and communication. Ken McKenzie has been that therapist for my practice for over a decade, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs the best in post operative rehabilitation."

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Dr. Judith B. Nance, MD
Family Practice, Rapides Regional Physicians Group
Pineville, LA

Here are just a few comments from some physicians who trust Ken with their patients' rehab:

"Ken McKenzie is a fantastic physical therapist. He gives patients aggressive, but compassionate care and gets them on the road to recover quickly and comfortable. He is the best in his profession!"


Michael K Cavanagh, MD

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Premier Physical Therapy. Our office hass worked closely with Premier and their therapists. They provide excellent care for our patients and we continue to refer new patients to them. Their office is very professional and courteous when dealing with our staff and our patients. We highly recommend their our to our patients and other providers.

If there are further questions, please feel free to contact our office.


Dr. Michael J. Leddy III, MD
Board Certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgery and sports medicine
Mid-State Orthopaedics
Alexandria, LA

"Ken McKenzie is an excellent therapist. I should know as not only did he treat my patients for 7 years, but he also treated me. I have the unique perspective of being on 'the other side of the curtain' after I suffered a severe fracture of my leg. I always knew Ken was good at his profession by seeing his results and hearing from my patients, but experiencing it firsthand allowed me to confirm my beliefs. Ken is an excellent listener and possesses the compassion to understand that individuals are hurting. It allows him to motivate patients to get the most out of themselves and obtain their goals. He has done a lot for both my practice and myself, and I can say without hesitation that his future patients are in good hands."

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The Physicians of Colorado Pain Management

Potential Premier Physical Therapy Clients,

Without reservation we can recommend Premier Physical Therapy. The physicians of Colorado Pain Management have been in practice for over 20 years working with all realms of pain issues. Our practice has a variety of patients with acute injury to chronic medical issues. Physical therapy goes hand in with our care and is imperative to helping out patients continuing on the road to recovery.

We appreciate Premier's responsiveness in getting our patients in quickly and their timely follow-up. Communication is essential to a healthy working environment and allows for the focus on patient care to be spotlighted. We feel they truly care about listening to our patients' specific needs and customizing their care.

We gladly would recommend the services of Premier Physical Therapy to our colleagues and patients.


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