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Neck & Back Pain

Back and neck pain are common and often severely limiting conditions originating from the spine.  Symptoms can range from recent, intense to dull and chronic.  The pain may come-and-go or can be persistent over years.  Back and neck pain can have many causes, however, the most common include: disc pathology, muscle strains, joint irritation, symptoms related to body mechanics or posture, age-related changes, and nerve compression.  All manners of back and neck pain may negatively affect your daily life, work, recreation, and general well-being.

Evidence has found physical therapy to be the gold-standard method of treatment for many types of back and neck pain.  Before considering medication or more invasive treatments, ask your physician about physical therapy.

Utilizing person-specific exercise, manual therapy, and therapeutic movement, our physical therapists can help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.  

Treatments can include: 





Specific strengthening


Manual Therapy


Nerve Flossing

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