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Post Surgical Rehab

Physical Therapy is regularly prescribed following many kinds of surgery. It is important to follow the best post-operative protocol to assist you on your road to recovery. 

Physical therapy is often advised following surgeries such as: joint replacements, muscle tear repair, spinal surgeries, heart procedures. Premier’s therapists have worked in the Westminster region for many years and have strong relationships with the surgeons completing your care. We will communicate with your physician about the most optimal post-operation protocol and rehabilitation plan to achieve your goals. Please discuss with your surgeon if therapy is part of your treatment plan and we would love to be part of your treatment team.

Goals include:

Increase mobility


Increase strength and power 


Reduce pain and decrease the likely-hood of dysfunction related to scar tissue formation 


Regain movement that was affected pre-operatively or because of the surgery


Provide you the tools to manage your rehabilitation in the months and years after the initial healing has occurred

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